Clinica Coreysa in Ciudad Real

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Enero completely renovates a previous building dedicated to clinical purposes, the well-known Clinica Coreysa in Ciudad Real, a hospital of 9.477sqm, with the best professional quality standards in terms of comfort, aesthetics and energy. The purpose is to create an unobstructed space and our proposal consists on a second skin, a ceramic coated façade that works as a ventilated façade system to improve energy performance, whilst modernizing the global image. The outer space is conditioned properly: a facilities building is located in the south that houses the equipment to supply the building.


This solution resolves the given particularities, maintaining the location of the staircases and lifts. The interiors proceed as follows:

On the semi-basement floor, facing to the north of the building, medical emergencies and radiology are located and facing to the south, the service areas such as warehouses, a library record, a laundry, a pharmacy, kitchens, the mortuary, etc.

At the ground level, renovated consulting rooms and in the north, the lobby, admission and administration area, as well as cafeteria, assembly hall, library and a worship hall. On the first floor, the hospitalization renovated to the south, and the laboratory area to the north.



DATE: 2012
LOCATION: Ciudad Real