Loft on Avenida Daroca

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A badly-deteriorated former warehouse was the starting point for a complete rehabilitation of the loft on Avenida Daroca, home to our studio´s offices and property of Francisco Ortega, ENERO´s director and founder.


Due to the presence of moisture and leaks, lack of insulation and the poor state of the roof, a comprehensive reform of the space was necessary. This process included an overhaul of the sanitation system, thermal insulation of the house, and removal of the brick wall rendering, as well as the addition of new roofing and unearthing of the existing slab in order to increase height.


The house was distributed over three different heights, in order to play with the space and light. On the first floor are the living room, library, film screening room, and music room, while at an intermediate level are the kitchen, a bathroom, the office, and the entrance to the house.  The top floor contains 3 bedrooms and their bathrooms. All of these areas are visible, although the sleeping area includes a sliding panel system, allowing for privacy.


The owners opted for wide, open spaces, intending the house to be in permanent evolution depending upon their current needs. For example, the children´s playroom downstairs can easily be turned into a film screening room, thanks to the versatility of the original design.


Illumination also plays an important role in the house, both directly and indirectly. Lights bathe the brick walls, providing a warm ambience, while industrial lamps simulate natural light. This was made possible thanks to the availability of overhead lighting, an element that lends individuality to the house.


The materials were selected with respect for the space´s industrial past, utilizing iron and cement blocks, and the authenticity of such materials as brick and varnished wood. For this reason, the house is dominated by such colors as the red of the bricks, the ochre of the wood, the black of the iron, and the whiteness of the walls. This contrast in the colors of textiles and rugs highlights and limits the spaces.



DATE: 2007