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ENERO´s modular daycare center is one of the studio´s Research and Development projects and was conceived with the aim of creating a childcare center for the staff of Hospital Rey Juan Carlos, located in Mostoles, Madrid. It is a space of 300 square meters, built out of modular pieces and located on premises adjacent to the hospital.


To build it, we opted for an industrialized building based on hexagonal units, with the intent of creating an easily-assembled organizational structure that could be expanded – requisites specifically requested by the client.


Each hexagon is divided into two trapezoidal modules with a gable roof. The modules arrived to the site already constructed and ready to be assembled into pairs, ultimately coming out as a geometric complex based on two simple units.


The building´s facade plays with a double skin composed of two layers: first, an aluminum sandwich panel lacquered in the most thermally-insulating color possible, and a second layer executed with an elongated, lacquered steel panel. These two planes of distinct colors and textures lend to the structure a hue that varies according to point of view and light; at times, the daycare is a deep red, while at others appears more orange. The interior follows a similarly warm color scheme, playing with orange and yellow tones.


As the building would ultimately be used by children, the studio conceived its design with their point of view in mind. Therefore, in addition to essential details such as childproof doors, we implemented measures such as padded floors, special lighting and climate control, all aimed at creating an environment conducive to their creativity and wellbeing.


With this work, ENERO opted for a new concept of project planning faithful to its differential model. In this case, the studio executed the task in collaboration with Modulab, saving time and costs while achieving the highest quality of workmanship. Additionally, the use of light, prefabricated materials greatly reduced the building´s environmental footprint, since much less energy was required in construction than that of a conventional building.


From start to finish, the project took a record 6 months to complete, and the daycare center is now providing service to 60 children between 0 and 3 years old.



DATE: 2015
LOCATION: Móstoles, Madrid