Proton Therapy Center of Pozuelo

Patient  |  Proton Therapy Center of Pozuelo

The new Proton Therapy Center of Pozuelo is the first of its kind in Spain, situated on 9,053 square meters in the famous Ciudad de la Imagen, a complex built in 1995 for the audiovisual sector.

This medical equipment has replaced the original audiovisual stage through an overhaul that aims to transform the area´s designated usage. The new center will boast an outpatient clinic offering oncological proton treatments.

The building was conceived as a single structural unit, with an organizational and functional strategy focused on two separate areas: first, in the lower and most sheltered part of the property, a concrete bunker that serves as the highest body of the building. Second, embracing the bunker is an element that, in addition to providing access to the building, will offer outpatient treatment and diagnostic imaging. The overall design is a symbiosis of two individual elements, distinguished by form and function, merging to create the building´s main morphology.

Passage through the building´s interior illustrates the patient experience, through each program specialty and therapy sequence, from arrival to the center until reaching the proton therapy zone which is so innovative in Spain.



DATE: 31 diciembre, 2018
LOCATION: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid