Olympia, the medical centre for care and health optimisation

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In September 2015 we started working on the design of Olympia, the high-performance sports medicine centre located in the Caleido Tower. The project was constructed at the base of the building, which links the four towers that comprise the most modern business park in Madrid, at the northern end of the Paseo de la Castellana. The Quironsalud Group’s sports medicine centre occupies more than 12,000 m2 distributed over 3 floors and has the most innovative medical specialities and technology for comprehensive patient care in a unique environment. It is specially designed to provide users with maximum comfort and well-being in the various care and rehabilitation processes. Olympia offers innovative services that integrate sports medicine, lifestyle and medical care in a single space.


The centre is divided into three distinct areas:

  • Sport Centre, a combination of traumatology, sports medicine, physiotherapy and physical activities and sport sciences treat all types of sports and traumatological injuries.
  • Lifestyle Centre, the area where chronic diseases are addressed from an integrative and functional approach.
  • Medical Centre, an outpatient medical-surgical centre, with specialities for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and/or chronic disease.


The facilities that make up the project include 67 outpatient consultation rooms, a hydrotherapy area with saunarium, a gymnasium, a surgical block with four operating theatres and a diagnostic imaging area. It also has a laboratory, pharmacy, administrative area, and different support areas.


The space is functionally arranged into two large blocks. The first, located in the southern part and adjacent to the footprint of the tower, is dedicated to sports medicine. The second block, which occupies the northern part, provides general outpatient services. The central part is a mixed area, with a flexible layout and services shared by both blocks.


The project conforms to the outline of the base of the Caleido Tower. It has external façades on the north and west sides only. To maximise natural light and ventilation, the base is sponge-formed through a series of courtyards, making the most of natural light.


The Quironsalud medical centre is structured like a comb, with a sequence of courtyards running east-west and intersecting the base. The different functional units are located between the courtyards, with two circulation axes linking them at the ends: one for internal use on the east side, and another for public use on the west side. The system is completed by a longitudinal bay open to the main west façade and adjacent to the public circulation axis.


Olympia is another example of how architecture highlights processes while collaborating in the design of diagnostic and treatment areas to make them efficient and safe.