Our business model: architecture from all perspectives

At ENERO Architecture, our business model is defined by our commitment to all steps in the architectural process, as well as our ability to be present throughout the entire value chain of a project. Providing comprehensive, tailor-made guidance to our clients every step of the way — from site options and requirements to administration, tenders, project management and direction — is and always has been the cornerstone of ENERO´s work philosophy.

ENERO is fighting to restore our intrinsic values to the history of our buildings. We consider the wisdom of skilled craftsmen to be one such value. The concept of purity in cultural heritage rehabilitation makes history a crucial aspect of any rehabilitation project.
We like to listen to the building and then mix it with our philosophy, our own architectural language. The most exciting part of the rehabilitation process is the holistic vision.


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Travel leaves us caught between a constant search and the changes that will determine our movements and experience. Heroes are always travelers — tireless, curious souls. To study, to investigate, to search, to intensely live the new and profound — these are all forms of travel, and our extensive experience in hotel design supports us in this venture. Would you like to join us in our travels?


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The patient: someone who has the ability to wait. Making architecture with the patient in mind allows the building to have a direct affect his or her health. Improving the patient experience for the duration of their hospital stay is one of the principles on which ENERO´s work has been founded.


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In the pre-project phases, a specific preliminary analysis is prepared which includes a real estate analysis and a master plan to determine the viability of the project.


During the project, a needs program, a technical project and the management of the corresponding authorizations are developed.


Follow-up of the bidding process, management and complete management of the work.

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Francisco Ortega

Historical Projects Director and Founding Partner

Pablo Gª Morales

Hotel Projects Director and Partner

Pablo Fernández de Heredia