Valle de Henares medical center

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Flexibility and efficiency for a 21st-century hospital

We tackled the construction of a new outpatient medical center in the city of Alcala de Henares (Madrid), with the idea of creating a living and innovative building, that would have the capacity to grow and expand as local demand dictated. The new hospital sits on a plot measuring 17,600 sq. m., of which 2,047 will be built in the initial phase, with the option of expanding the building by up to an additional 11,500 sq. m. according to future needs.


We designed the building to be efficient and compact, 3 stories high, with an attractive and simple volumetry that will presently house 29 exam rooms, a radiodiagnostic area, a rehabilitation space and a bloodwork laboratory.


The construction was based on a highly-efficient system which incorporates industrial elements able to reduce on-site times and guarantee exhaustive quality control throughout the construction process. We wanted to design an easily recognizable hospital similar in appearance to its counterpart in Torrejon de Ardoz (Madrid), also designed and built by ENERO.


The complex is assembled around a large volume which houses all medical services and is located at the end of the plot. The new construction leaves enough space for future expansions, while anticipating the amount of space necessary for access points and parking in front.
The triangular shape of the building is highlighted by its dulled corners. This shape permits the building to be clearly read and leads us to the main entrance. It also provides a readable distribution and an opening to the adjacent park.


The building´s design is aimed at reaching a high degree of energetic efficiency through the use of active and passive energy saving elements. This project´s final objective is to stand as a hospital for the 21st century, in which design and technology are maximized in the name of a better patient experience and speedier recovery times.

DATE: 2021
LOCATION: Alcalá de Henares