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Adapting to the demands of the 21st century.

In 2012 we began the comprehensive reform of a well-known hospital in Ciudad Real called the Coreysa Clinic. Our main objective when we took on this project was to provide the city with a 21st-century hospital, blending design and technology, in order to offer an optimal patient experience in an environmentally-sustainable building.


As the undertaking of a full-scale reform required the demolition of the original building, maintaining nothing except the original location of the staircase and elevator nuclei, we began our process with a preparatory study aimed at identifying critical areas, optimizing patient and visitor flow, and improving energy efficiency.
The hospital has a surface areas of 9,477 sq. m. and houses 4 operating rooms, 48 beds, an outpatient center and an ICU. The newly-remodeled exam rooms are located on the ground floor, occupying the area north of the vestibule, admissions desk, administration area, café, assembly hall, and library. On the first floor facing south, we situated the hospitalization area, with the labs to the north. The building´s northern sub-basement contains Emergency and Radiology services, and in the south are clinic services: warehouses, file storage, laundry, pharmacy, kitchens, mortuary, etc. The operating block is located on the second floor to the north, and to the south are the intensive care unit, resuscitation area, outpatient clinic and a small zone for short-term patient stays. The third and fourth stories, where hospitalization is currently located, were also remodeled.


The building is located on an expansive plot, the exterior spaces of which required an overhaul. In addition, an installations building was erected towards the south of the plot, in order to store all necessary machinery.


The exterior design was achieved through the creation of a new skin, imposing the lining of the ventilated facade with a ceramic finish in order to improve the building´s energy efficiency while modernizing its design. In this way, design and technology were successfully merged in order to maximize patient well-being and the sustainability of the hospital.

DATE: 2012
LOCATION: Ciudad Real