Collado Villalba General Hospital

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Collado Villalba General Hospital, located in the northern mountains of Madrid, was conceived as an opportunity to bring a low-impact, non-disruptive building to its picturesque surroundings. The project began in 2010 and comprised a total of 69,000 constructed square meters, including 140 patient rooms, 87 consultation areas and 9 operating rooms.


The project aimed to fully integrate the building into the landscape by heeding the values of both the environment and the hospital´s own users.


With this goal in mind, the granite-like mountain range of the surrounding area was reproduced within the building, and a hard and soft skin were swapped to create a space light and transparent on the inside, but externally protected and mimetic.


We created socially salubrious architecture, took full advantage of the natural light, and sought to use materials recycled from earth work and the reforestation of more than 2,200 native trees.


Having made renewable energy a key aspect of the project, we chose to incorporate passive or co-generative cooling systems.


Collado Villalba Hospital strives to be as efficient as possible within its scope as a medical center. Its spatial organization was purposefully designed by the studio, with the goal of reducing transit time and the separation between its public and private stays.


This focus on function gave rise to a compact building, whose distances are measured in accordance with a human scale. Its distribution also pays attention to the intensity of treatment that each patient must undergo, so that the refreshment areas, admissions and consultations are situated near the entrance while the emergency department , surgical wing, and in-patient facilities are located at the opposite end. Between these two poles are the diagnostic and treatment areas.


Our commitment to sustainability and efficiency led to other design choices such as taking full advantage of the natural light. The use of glass walls and skylights have allowed 86% of the hospital to benefit from natural light, adding an extra touch of comfort while generating energy savings of 30% in comparison to buildings of similar dimensions and usage.

In 2013, the studio was recognized with a Highly Commended distinction at the Design & Health International Academy Awards for this innovative design.


DATE: 2013
LOCATION: Collado Villalba, Madrid