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Design and efficiency for patient well-being

The new Quironsalud hospital in Torrejon de Ardoz is built over 14,081 sq. m. on Constitution Avenue in the new neighborhood of Soto Norte. Its objective is to provide efficient solutions to local patients and it possess 66 private rooms, 6 adult ICUs, 7 neonatal ICUs, 7 operating rooms, 50 exam rooms, birthing units, an outpatient area and an emergency department, covering all levels of medical care, from the most basic to the most complex.


The design is in accordance with the needs of a mid-sized hospital and relies on innovation as a means of maximizing both time and efficiency, while improving the patient experience from beginning to end. The complex is assembled around 3 large independent volumes interconnected by a series of perpendicular corridors which allow for both vertical and horizontal circulation. The main north-south layout is complemented by several east-west corridors whose purpose is to connect the various functional units, both vertical and horizontal, providing effective circulation routes for the varying types of flow (public, internal and supplies) that a medical center handles from day to day.


The layout of the 3 blocks was designed as a way to optimize building acoustics, take full advantage of natural light, and offer pleasant views to hospital users. In fact, almost the entire complex is able to enjoy plentiful natural light, thanks to the design of two crevices between the volumes. The first crevice creates a large and luminous vestibule which acts as a natural extensión of the exterior, a covered Street from which to orient oneself inside the building, while the second crevice is a street unto itself which fosters circulation. The intent was to help the patient feel as well as possible from the moment of arrival.


Innovation, the studio´s trademark, is reflected in the façade´s industrial concrete piece system, employed as a way of improving timeframes and indirect costs while reducing environmental impact. Similarly, the building design is focused on achieving a high degree of energy efficiency, through the use of both active and passive savings elements.


The new Hospital Quironsalud in Torrejon de Ardoz stands out as a project in which the humanization of spaces and the quest for user well-being is achievable thanks to the experience of our multidisciplinary team.

DATE: 2021
LOCATION: Torrejón de Ardoz