Cordoba Quironsalud Hospital

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In 2018 we completed construction on the Quironsalud hospital in Cordoba, a true urban landmark thanks to its unique architecture. The project was highly complex due to the existence of Islamic-era archaeological ruins located under the construction site. After an intensive period of study and analysis, we were able to draw up an innovative design that allowed us to adapt to this challenge.


Our construction strategy for Cordoba Hospital was clear: insert the building complex into the urban surroundings while prioritizing the archaeological ruins discovered underneath the plot.


The hospital complex, which occupies 18,650 square meters, is composed of two volumes, organized by function: the larger block which contains technical and inpatient services, and the smaller one which is designated for outpatient needs. It possessed 115 beds, 7 operating rooms, a diagnostic imaging area with a vascular and hemodynamic radiology room, 2 endoscopy and resonance rooms, 8 conventional radiology rooms, 1 IVF room and 3 birthing units.


Each volume is oriented towards a different direction: the first one is in line with the modern city, while the second faces the Islamic ruins. The space created by the overlap of both buildings serves as both the main entrance in the front and the emergency entrance in the back.


Both volumes are perforated on the interior in order to create 2 large and luminous patios, around which medical services are organized. Waterless construction methods were employed throughout the building except in the case of the main structure, made of reinforced concrete. Its distinctive exterior appearance is due to a metallic latticework skin that envelopes the building, tinges the light and improves energy efficiency by controlling and shifting the natural sunlight. This outer skin is composed of a triangular aluminum lattice in gold and bronze hues, a sort of modern interpretation of traditional Mudejar architecture, to channel the sunlight inside. The interior and exterior surfaces are separated in order to provide the building with a sort of thermal enclosure.


The Quironsalud Hospital in Cordoba is a hospital whose spaces are adapted to their necessary functions and designed in order to foster a positive patient experience and more rapid recovery. These guiding principles plus the building ́s superior sustainability make it a veritable example of a 21st century hospital.


The project received the “Honorable Mention” in the 12th edition of the prestigious Yuanye awards, organized by the Chinese media Global Design. A recognition that rewards excellence in architectural and urban design worldwide.

DATE: Juny 2018