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ENERO has pioneered the construction of the first protontherapy center in Spain, which will provide cancer-fighting treatment through the use of protons. This highly-complex project required a great deal of preparation and previous study in order to design a building that functions as a living and unique organism, with harmoniously-organized units that facilitate the patient through their first steps in their cancer treatment. The center is located on a plot measuring 9,053 square meters in the neighborhood of Pozuelo de Alarcon, where the non-residential healthcare equipment has transformed the use of the zone.


The building occupies 2,397.25 square meters, divided into 3 zones according to use. The proton treatment zone, which required very precise and specific design considerations, is located in an isolated cement bunker with dimensions much greater than those of other therapies due to particle acceleration (12 meters wide by 12 meters high by 30 meters deep), reinforced by walls up to 4 meters thick. The proton therapy system,named Proteus One by IBA, includes a synchrotron that generates and accelerated protons up to energy levels equal to 230 MeV and an extensive proton beam guiding and modulation system that directs the radiation to the area where the patient needs treatment. In addition, it incorporates a tumor-scanning system which guides the specialist in the application of the most appropriate dose for each zone. Situated in the lowest and most protected area of the plot, it is an area of high security and top-quality construction, whose colors and design aim to create a pleasant environment inside the patient- only treatment chamber.


The patient access zones and exam rooms are located in the front part of the building, while outpatient treatment and diagnostic imaging border the bunker.


The different areas are connected transversally, facilitating the flow of patients, visitors and staff, and allowing daylight to come through. The building is covered by limestone on the exterior, in keeping with the sober tone of proton treatment, while the interiors are designed in a way to provide comfort and cheerfulness.

DATE: December 2018
LOCATION: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid