Palacio de las Torres de Donlebún

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Declared a national Site of Cultural Interest, the Palacio de las Torres de Donlebún dates from the 16th century, although it has undergone prior alterations and states on one of its windows, “constructed in 1711.”  Three centuries later, in 2012, ENERO was hired to perform a complete rehabilitation of this historic building, with the goal of converting it into a 4-star hotel which might contribute to the touristic appeal of the region.


The palace is built on a quadrangular patio enclosed by a crenallated wall highlighted by its large arch-shaped door and massive keystones. Above this door, the Pardo-Donlebun family coat of arms is displayed. It is believed that Sancho Pardo-Donlebun, a famous 16th-century seafarer and participant in the Spanish Armada, was born in this house.


The property, located in the town of Barres (Castropol), measures 370,000 square meters, 1,800 of which pertain to the palace. Before ENERO began its rehabilitation, the structure was practically a ruin, with partially-destroyed walls, fractured beams and slabs, and no roof.


Throughout the project, ENERO worked on the roofing problem in stretches, so that no section would ever be exposed to the rain. Additionally, we replaced the existing slab for a ventilated one and designed a foundation of reinforced concrete for the kitchen, the children´s play area, the spiral staircase and the foyer.


Among the constructive materials ENERO chose to use were recycled oak flooring, worm-treated pine strips, slate for masonry purposes, hydraulic lime mortars and multicolored sifted sand.


CATEGORY: Collector / Traveler
DATE: 2019
LOCATION: Barres, Asturias