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ENERO completed a comprehensive remodeling of the Ibiza hotel Cala Tarida, located in the Plaza del Mar in the neighborhood of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. Our objective was to update and maximize the potential of its installations, as well as re-design the rooms and communal spaces in order to adapt them to users ́ needs while blending with the local environment.


One of the project ́s principal objectives was creating user-friendly, technologically-advanced spaces. As such, the guest room remodeling sets out a spatial continuity between the room and the bathroom thanks to a _________ of translucent glass and wood with ________,


The work done on communal spaces involved the renovation and redistribution of the lobby, dining area, restrooms and the cocktail bar, as well as the much-needed addition of a reading room and audiovisual room. In addition, we re-designed the exterior space as to include a roof terrace and 30 chill-out rooms on the ground floor.


The interior design created a friendly yet functional atmosphere, thanks to the use of local materials and crafts. For example, straw ropes used as space dividers and other touches bestow a sense of aesthetic coherence and function as a visual filter.


Above all, we wanted the remodeling to bring a modern aesthetic to the building while emphasizing the area ́s natural Mediterranean beauty and respecting its sustainability.

LOCATION: Ibiza, Baleares