Hotel Cala Tàrida

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This projects consists of the reforms of the Hotel Cala Tàrida on the island of Ibiza, located in the Plaza del Mar s/n —san Josep de Sa Talaia—, focused on an upgrade of its facilities as well as a remodeling of its rooms and common spaces.


The operation assumed the renovation and redistribution of common spaces including the reception area, buffet, restrooms, and cocktail lounge, and the addition of new spaces in accordance with current client needs: a reading room and audiovisual room. We also improved the exterior common space, creating an open-access roof terrace and chill-out rooms on the first floor.


The complete reform of the rooms introduced a spatial continuity between the room and bathroom due to a translucent piece of glass and wood with a table element. The procedure aims to create a modern and understated aesthetic, allowing the backdrop of Cala Tàrida and the Mediterranean Sea to take center stage.


The use of rope as a dividing element extends to the bedrooms´ exteriors, creating an aesthetic coherence throughout the building and functioning as a visual filter in these high-traffic areas.


CATEGORY: Traveler
LOCATION: Ibiza, Baleares