The places in our lives

We are surrounded by spaces that are part of our daily routines and the important moments in our lives. What are these places? For each of us they will be different, from homes, places that marked our childhood, where we had our first job, or where our children were born. They are always loved, remembered and, above all, alive through our experiences. Everyone gives meaning to spaces because of how they live in them and how they make them their own. They are places rather than spaces. Place is where life happens and time passes.


Our architecture creates the spaces where many dreams are born, that’s why at ENERO Arquitectura we design the where.



Hospitals are spaces that we are all familiar with, that are part of our lives in many different ways. They are that ‘where’ at important moments for some and a committed daily workplace for others. For many, it is where their dreams come true: to help, accompany, and care for people in need. We are convinced that architecture has the capacity to influence people’s well-being. For this reason, the hospital architecture we design focuses on the needs of the user: patients, companions, healthcare providers, and management and maintenance staff of these centres. We are a part of the new paradigm in designing healthcare spaces, humanising their architectural aspects.


Architecture for the future

In the book The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton, there is an idea that continually runs through the text. Architecture, like everything else, evolves, and innovation is essential. But there are certain architectural elements that are repeated over the centuries and perhaps that is because they respond to humans’ deep needs, and the path to well-being is based on them. Aspects such as the connection with the outside world and natural light. The careful design of places for socialising and privacy are key to the architecture of healthcare centres. Healthcare architecture of the future will be more attuned to these needs and will also be a welcoming partner with its own tools for care.


The dreams of the future also have to be drawn, that’s why at ENERO Arquitectura we design the where.


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