Quironsalud University Hospital in Madrid

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The main objective of this project was to equip the Quironsalud Madrid University Hospital, a 54,002 sq. m. building in Pozuelo de Alarcon, with a new Maternity wing, attached to the main building, that would offer specialized, technologically- enhanced patient care, strengthening the growth of the operating block and adapting to current patient demand. A total of 14,348 sq. m. have been addressed: 9,080 of expansión and 5,268 of reforms which, thanks to both aesthetic and technological innovations, blend seamlessly with the existing construction in order to amplify its shape, functions, and services: the perfect example of design and technology complementing healthcare.


The newly-constructed wing implements the existing one through a plug-in that acts as a new transverse axis, and with an aesthetically-improved facade. The complex expansión consists of two distinct phases: first, a new, equally-storied building was tastefully “sutured” onto the existing structure, while the frontal spaces of the previous were turned into new relaxation zones for patients, visitors, and staff. The second phase was focused on addressing increased demand by designing and adapting each hospital zone accordingly. Furthermore, we improved the spatial distribution in order to better accommodate patientsand visitors, while reducing transit time and optimizing foot traffic.


Our goal was to change the approach to childbirth and children ́s care. As such, we designed the interior spaces in accordance with special requisites, on a human scale, and reinforcing the well-being of expectant mothers, children and parents. The new wing was designed with design, comfort, natural light and ventilation in mind, as well as the most efficient technology available. We were especially committed to the creation of friendly spaces, such as the patient rooms, the birth and recovery units, the assisted reproduction area, the neonatal ICU, the pediatric outpatient intensive care unit, and the outpatient juvenile hemato oncology unit. In the case of the birth and recovery unit, we designed bright, spacious bedrooms featuring all of the comforts of a normal bedroom but equipped with all of the amenities necessary for safe, humanized dilation and childbirth procedures. Through the synthesis of architecture and innovation, we were able to turn technical hospital spaces into human ones.

DATE: 2018
LOCATION: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid