Dwelling in Torrelodones

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A home in harmony with nature.

The dwelling built by ENERO in the neighborhood of La Berzosilla, Torrelodones (Madrid), reflects the studio´s values, executed on a residential level. We constructed a home that successfully blends design, well-being, and sustainability, thanks to the experience and technological acumen contributed by our multi-disciplinary and collaborative team.


One of the site’s most important characteristics is its proximity to a large natural park. For that reason, we considered it critical to perform an advance study of the surroundings, in order to best integrate our new structure into the landscape. We took into consideration the topography, flora, angles, natural light, climatology, wind, views, vegetation, etc, in order to design our project accordingly. The result was an organic building, seamlessly integrated into the minimally-disrupted landscape.


The long, single-story structure runs from north to south, in order to take full advantage of sun in the winter and breeze in the summer. The northern facade overlaps with the garden and the horizon, allowing for spectacular views, while the southern facade lets in plenty of natural light and solar heat. The parking area is located on the east-west axis, having situated the most public spaces in the west and the most private in the east, while the transverse axis connects the pedestrian entrance with the pool. The interior is distributed in a rectangular shape, with the rooms clustered around the 4 access points and the pool running perpendicular towards the northern vertex.


The various areas overlap to form a triangular shape, while the slope between the street and the property allows for a parking zone that remains obscured by a detached ancillary structure.


A defining element of the dwelling is the gabled roof which sits in contrast to the floor´s rectangularity. Its sloping gables and irregular eaves shield the access points and provide shelter from sun in the summer, while favoring it in the winter. The roof extends over the living-dining room, creating a large porch area that allows the common areas to extend outside.


The duality between walls and roof develops the building´s aesthetic philosophy, the stereotomic in harmony with the tectonic, heaviness with lightness, the artificial with the natural. The walls, perceived as the vertical extension of the environment´s rocky flora, are constructed of heavy granite slabs, while the light roof perches above. The space between both systems functions as a network of gaps, creating a glass house integrated into its surroundings.

DATE: 2017