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Enero launched a new concept in project design with the construction of a day-care center for the children of staff members at King Juan Carlos Hospital in Mostoles, Madrid. The 300 sq. m. space, located adjacent to the hospital, was constructed using modular pieces and provides child-care services to 60 children between the ages of 0 and 3.


The building is composed of industrialized hexagonal units which allow the construction of a light, organic structure, easy to assemble and expand upon. The main advantages of this system are a reduction in both construction time and expense, a higher quality of product and significant energy savings as compared to a traditional building. The modules are assembled in pairs to create a geometrically-complex shape in which each hexagon is divided into two trapezoidal modules with a gable roof.


The building ́s exterior plays with a double skin: first, a multi-layered and highly-thermal sandwich panel of lacquered aluminum, and a second stretched- out panel of lacquered steel. These two planes of varying color and texture provide the structure with a shifting tonality. According to the point of view and the light that falls upon the building, the day- care ́s exterior reflects tones of a deep red, tending towards a chromatic orange-colored spectrum. These same warm colors, primarily yellows and oranges, are also found on the interior, creating a friendly space adapted to children ́s sensibilities.


Bearing in mind that this building was going to be used by children, the spatial design was specifically tailored to their needs. For example, in addition to touches such as child safety doors and inaccessible door handles, the space was equipped with flexible, cushioned floors and an ambience aimed at stimulating creativity and well-being. In addition, the energy-savings measures taken by Enero ensured that it would be a sustainable and efficient center.

DATE: 2015
LOCATION: Móstoles, Madrid