Palacio del Marqués de Santa Cruz

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In 2012, ENERO began the restoration of the Palace of the Marques de Santa Cruz, a property that is considered a gem of the Historic Quarter of the town of Castropol. The project focused on recovering the authenticity of the original palace, adapting its amenities to meet modern standards of comfort.


In the 13th century, a fire destroyed a significant portion of the palace, which, according to the inscriptions found on doorjambs and lintels, was re-constructed for the first time about 2 centuries later. Later 20th-century reforms completely eliminated the building ́s original language and character, thus requiring a thorough preparatory analysis aimed at re-discovering the palace ́s original essence.


The goal of this project was to modernize each space of the building while preserving its original use (except for those which had been rendered obsolete, such as the storehouse and stable) and memory. To this end, we opted for traditional construction techniques carried out by expert artisans, quarry workers, carpenters, and limestone workers, while permitting the use of enough modern technology to ensure the addition of modern standards of comfort.


Our commitment to historically-accurate materials and techniques allowed us to do away with certain modernities in favor of authentic touches such as the use of wood and stone, which were vital to the original construction.


The property measures 13,750 sq. m., of which 1,500 belong to the palace itself. The grounds were reformed and adapted for their modern use, being shifted 180 degrees in order to create river views. In addition, the garden was re-landscaped with the addition of a spectacular swimming pool directly overlooking the river.


The final result of the project is an example of historical Asturian architecture, constructed in a way that reconciles authenticity with modern comfort. By respecting local construction traditions and carefully selecting contemporary materials, ENERO was able to balance building memory with the highest standards of 21st-century living.

DATE: 2018
LOCATION: Castropol, Asturias