Palacio del Marqués de Santa Cruz

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In the 18th century, a fire destroyed a substantial part of the Palacio del Marqués de Santa Cruz, located in the Asturian town of Castropol and whose original structure probably dates back two centuries prior. This unfortunate event led to one of its first reconstructions, as evidenced by numerous inscriptions on lintels, doorjambs, and chains.


Although the operations undertaken during the 20th century erased the original character and language of this building, it continues being considered one of the key pieces that make up the historical site of Castropol.


In 2012, ENERO Architecture was hired to restore this estate of 13,750 square meters, focusing on the recovery of its original materials and dimensions while adapting to modern standards of comfort.


In order to achieve this binary goal, ENERO refurbished the entire building, but did so preserving its original uses – with the exception, of course, of those rendered obsolete, such as the servants´quarters.


In reinforcing their commitment to the memory of the building, the studio also turned to traditional construction methods, including the tender of artisans, stonemasons, carpenters and limestone workers from various regions.


Their employment permitted, for example, the substitution of modern slabs for others made of wood, staying true to the original concept, and the introduction of various stone elements, such as the spiral staircase.


Towards the end of the rehabilitation, as a complement to the expansive garden of pines, cypresses, and palm tres, ENERO installed an exquisite outdoor pool with views of the Eo River.


The final result of the project has been the recovery of a building that epitomizes the focus and identity of civil Asturian architecture, without renouncing the elements of modern comfort. It is precisely this combination that lends a unique character to the Palacio del Marqués de Santa Cruz, which pays homage to local construction traditions and the use of carefully-selected period materials, while still remaining at the forefront of modern comfort.



CATEGORY: Collector
DATE: 2018
LOCATION: Castropol, Asturias