Palacio de los Pardo Donlebún

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The Palacio de los Pardo Donlebún, also known as Palacio de los Trenor, is located in the municipality of  Figueras (in Castropol, Asturias).


According to studies performed by ENERO, the palace was constructed in approximately 1348 AD and underwent expansions in the 16th, 17th, 18th and 20th centuries (most recently in 1930.) The palace has been catalogued as a culturally significant monument.


The project took into careful account the landscapes upon which the property´s 8,335 square meters are set. Its western side, sitting on an incline which connects to the marina below, provides stunning views of the Eo river. Its eastern side, with its French-influenced medieval facade, overlooks the sea.


The building was converted into a luxury hotel, consisting of seven bedrooms plus additional communal spaces. The dimensions of the hotel remain faithful to the initial design, facilitating the user´s ability to read the original space. Surrounding the palace is a historical garden of special interest.


The structure is composed of two main bodies, about 20 meters long, which mark a central, square tower. The sides are made up of 2 corridors, each of which contains 3 stories and an attic. The chapel and building entrance, coming in off of Trenor Avenue, were also included in the rehabilitation project.


CATEGORY: Collector / Traveler
DATE: 2018
LOCATION: Figueras, Castropol, Asturias